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Hello guys! Right now I'm going to tell you guys about GATHAPRAYA. Gathapraya is the name of cultural festival of SMA Negeri 3 Bandung as known as Art, Literature, and Culture Festivals 2017 : GATHAPRAYA. 'Gathapraya' is taken from two words in sanskrit, 'anagata' which means future and 'abhipraya' which means hope. And when connected with Indonesia's condition, GATHAPRAYA means Indonesia's hopeful culture in the future. 
Let's move on, now, I'm going to tell you about the ticket. The ticket's system was online. The buyer should give the seller their email, number phone, and name, then the seller ( public team ) sent the buyer a barcode, which will be scanned when GATHAPRAYA. The price of the ticket is Rp. 35.000 for Pre-Sale 1, Rp. 45.000 for Pre-Sale 2 Rp. 55.000 for HTM, and Rp. 65.000 for OTS. 
There were a lot of performances from Soul Etnic, OSD ITB, KPA3, MK3, LSS3, Vina Chandrawati, Giri Harja, Drizzling Dancer, Elevoice,…

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